Blue Lily and its profound role in spiritual practices, including women's circle and men's circles.

Spiritual Practices: Women's Circles & Men's Circles

Blue Lily for Spiritual Practices: Women's Circles & Men's Circles

Blue Lily, also known as Blue Lotus, is a versatile companion for your spiritual practices, whether you're meditating in solitude or preparing for a group gathering.

Our products are thoughtfully crafted to enhance these moments, promoting a natural way to relieve stress, infuse beauty, and evoke a sense of the sacred.

Enhance Your Self Practice

Blue Lily deepens sensory awareness through aromatherapy, self-massage, and sipping beautiful tea. Linked to timeless cycles of creation, the blue lily flower enhances visionary capacity, promoting lucid dreaming and blissful meditation. If you seek higher wisdom or aim to activate your third eye chakra, consider incorporating Blue Lily into your practice.

Empower Women's Circles

Do you facilitate a women’s circle? Bring the magic of Blue Lily to your gathering to awaken the chakras and encourage authentic connection. The sacral chakra, or Swadisthana in Sanskrit, is where sensuality and instinct are awakened. In women’s circles this can feel particularly potent, as we connect with our sisters the creative energy of the womb space is stirred. Blue Lily also opens the heart chakra, Anahata in Sanskrit, encouraging authentic expression and compassion for ourselves and others. Infusing your ceremony with Blue Lily can also activate the higher mind, opening the third eye, Ajna chakra, to receive wisdom, vision and clarity.

Infuse your women gathering with Blue Lily to enhance feminine wisdom, creativity and sensuality.

Elevate Men's Circles

In men's circles, Blue Lily supports a calm state for healing experiences. It relaxes the nervous system, opens the heart, and promotes clarity. It also encourages deep, grounding breathing, ideal for breathwork and ice-baths. Incorporating Blue Lily into men's circles creates a sacred atmosphere and strengthens the connection to breath and body. Our range of products are intended to enhance the sensory experience, elevate intention, and connect our modern day practices to the wisdom of ancient civilisations.

Ready to Share Blue Lily with Your Community?

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