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Blue Lily Healing

Intention Oil

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Blue Lily Intention Oil is your invitation to connect to the divine beauty within. 

Bless your body with a magical infusion of Blue Lily and Jojoba oil, activated with divine goodness to nourish your face, body and hair. The organic plant extracts in this beautiful blend will hydrate your skin and provide natural conditioning for your hair.

The heavenly fragrance of Blue Lily calms the nervous system, connect us into our bodies, and opens us to frequencies of love, harmony and healing.

*All Blue Lily products are charged with positive sound vibrations.


Blue Lily Essential Oil (Nymphaea Caerulea), Organic Jojoba, Vitamin E, Quartz Crystals.

How to Use

For a self-care ritual experience, place three drops of Intention Oil on your palms. Take four slow deep breaths, inhaling the fragrance whilst focusing on your intention. Then apply the oil to your face, body or hair, feeling gratitude for the divine temple of your body.

Intention Oil can also be used to ground, clear and activate your senses. Apply the oil to your wrists to carry your highest vibration with you wherever you go.

For topical use only.
Store in a cool dry place.
Best before 12months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is the most beautiful and calming oil I have ever used. I love using this on my face daily!

Ethereal smell

Makes me want to float away in a good way

Kerryn Brodie
So lovely

I purchased the Nefertem Blue Lily Face & Body Oil after trying it during a meditation session, I instantly felt calm and grounded - it also smelt divine.
I've used it on my skin during self reiki/mediation ritual, It allowed me to drop into my divine feminine and I felt so sensual!
Lillie is also so lovely and I love hearing the ethos and story behind this magical product!
Highly recommend this product! Thanks Lillie x

New must have!

This oil is an absolute game changer. Smells divine and works like a charm on my sensitive skin.
Friends have been asking about what perfume I’m wearing, and are shocked to learn that the scent is from my new face oil! I cannot recommend this product enough. Thank you Lillie!!!! ♡

Nefertum Magic

Lillies products are absolutely divine!!!
There is no doubt that she has put much love and intention into her creations.
I have just ordered another 5 bottles of the Nefertum Oil as gifts for friends who have asked me so often about the magical scent I am wearing.
It is such an exotic, elegant fragrance which I use sparingly as a perfume but can also be used as face and hair oil.
As a lover of all things Egyptian wearing Nefertum reminds me what it felt like to have my feet on that ancient land with its wonderous sights and smells.